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Welcome to CitiGlass Group!

CitiGlass Group Ltd is one of the largest glass manufacturers in China. We produce PDLC smart film, electrochromic glass intelligent glass, float glass, tempered glass, laminated glassdouble-glazing unitU glassfireproof glass, bulletproof glass, solar glass, LED glass and glass ceramic, borosilicate glass,  ... etc.
The glass main application is for buildings and furnitures, windows and doors, glass ballustrades, etc... 

We are strong in product research and development, our international sales team, all of which are very dedicated, professional, with extensive experience for international contracts. Our friendly customer service can help you easily to earn the favour from architects, contractors and developers.  

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Building Glass
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Heat Resistant Glassware
Fireplace with Glass Ceramic
aluminium window and door finished
Aluminium Windows & Doors finished

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